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Episode 5 · 6 months ago

My Friend, Bloody Mary


One night, The Dark Lady peers into her mirror and discovers that her reflection is missing. She then summons the legendary Bloody Mary to help her get her reflection back.

When the witching hour draws near, shewill whisper in your year. Nightmas do come true. This is a horror fiction, podcastfittry stories that will shock disturb and dismay you'r. listening to the dark,lady bodcast, the dark, lady podcast, presents my friend Bloody Mary, Hey, you brought back my knife and yousharpened it too you're so sweet. Can you put it by the sink and whileyou're at it, can you grab a towel for me, the one not covered in blood thanks darling? What would I ever do without you...

...excuse me. Pardon me coming throughsorry hen, I'm in a rush, it's almost midnight and I don't want to be latefor work. My boss is a real lady killer. No literally- and I don't know aboutyou, but personally I, like my head to stay on my shoulders, not rollingacross the floor. So let me put on a little black lip.Stick, there's so much fog on my mirror. Letme just wipe that off with my hand, Huh what the hell. Where did my reflection? Go? It's gone.Excuse me. I have to get to the bottom of this bloody Mary, bloody, Mary, bloody, Mary, Mary Hi, long time, no seance. How haveyou been Huh, Huh, Uhhuh, wow good for you, oh Mary, you look so creepy your hairis so long and tangly. The blood dripping from your eyes looks so fresh.I know all your victims have a ton of questions for you like who are you? Whyare you doing this? Why are you trying to kill me but girl? You know what theyshould really be asking you.

How do you keep your dress, so whitethere's not a single drop of blood on your clothes. It's amazing! So Mary there's a reason why I summonedyou here to night. As you can see, my reflection ismissing and I am a thousand per cent sure that I had one yesterday then Iremembered my friend Bloody Mary. I said to myself. Bloody Mary is anexpert. When it comes to mirrors, she pretty much lives in a mirror. So if there's something weird orsupernatural happening with your reflection, who you going to call so, do you think you can help me out? Mary were: Where Are you going? I don't know where she went. She justwalked off. Is this the reflection you were talkingabout? Yes, it is. What are you doing with my reflection?What are you doing with my reflection? Hey! Stop that Hey! Stop that! Are you mocking me? Are you mocking me you're, a reflection, not an echomirrors, aren't supposed to talk your reflection, not an echo mirrors, aren'tsupposed to talk. I'm stupid, Youre, stupid enough.

Why don't you tell me how you reallyfeel Bloody Mary? What's all this about, you know exactly what this is all about. Oh M G, Mary, don't tell me you'retrying to get back at me for going out with that vampire guy. He was my vampire guy. I didn't know that was your man Mary. Itold you about him a thousand times. Were you not listening to me. I was listening, but it's hard tounderstand you. Sometimes you have like a thousand different voices talking atthe same time, you're whispering and moaning and screaming somethings getlost in translation. What do you want me to do? Well, I'm sorry, I thought you werebilingual anyway, that doesn't give you a right to steal my boyfriend. I did not. You know what. How does thatrelationship work anyway? He's a vampire you're, an evil spirit. Hedoesn't have a reflection. You don't have a body, you both live incompletely different worlds and live completely different lifestyles face itMary. That relationship was doomed to fail. Oh here we go typical, dark lady. Whydo you have to be so negative all the time? How do you know that Emrick and Iwouldn't have worked out? Do you have a crystal ball or something? I don't need a crystal ball to see thatyou are as flat as a pancake Mary you're too dimensional? Oh, you want togo there. Let's go there. At least I don't buy my makeup from the dollarstore. You said you liked my eyeliner and thatcorsus is so seventeenth century. It's vintage! You know what! Whatever you can keep myreflection. I don't care.

Okay, I will and screw it I'm going to call in sickfor work because I'm sick of you, Mary, I'm taking the night off. So I cansmash every single mirror in my apartment. Oh Yeah! Oh really! Now! Yes,really you're out of here sister, fine, okay! Then go right ahead and knockyourself out. I will good good there's something I want to ask youbefore I leave. What are you going to smash that hand nearer?I gave you on your birthday: Oh yeah, the gold man with the rubieson the handle yeah that one well. I can't smash something thatprecious, so I guess I'll keep it unless you want it back. Oh No! No! It's yours! It was a gift. Thank you. Look, I'm sorry about threatening tobreak all my mirrors. I didn't mean it. I wasn't really going to do it. It's okay, I'm sorry for making that one truckdriver see things in his rear view, mirror and trying to get him to crashinto your car. You did what now I don't want somevampire guy to get in between our friendship, I'm going to give both ofyou guys some space. If you want to keep dating Emrick, you have myblessing. Do you really mean that I do oh come here? Let me give you a hugyeah bring it in. Oh Dark, Lady, Oh Mary, to tell you the truth. Things have beenreally tough lately.

Do you want to talk about it? It's just at I've been in between jobs.The Kids Aren't summoning me as much as they used to. Oh, no, I'm sorry to hear that, thanksdear it doesn't matter where I go: whils Angelais, Paris, Tokyo, the kidsare always on their phones or on their laptops or on their xbox. I guessturning off the lights and summining spirits just isn't cool anymore. I knowI say this every century, but seriously. What is wrong with this generationremember when kids used to scream and run away when they see a monster. Nowit's like seventy percent of the time they pull out their phones and try totake a picture of me when did phones become cameras anyway and what is aninstant gram? It's this place where you can uploadyour pictures online, it's sort of like a photo album that everyone can see. Oh, is it normal to share pictures ofyour own death? Ah, I guess some people do that, but it's not easy. You really have tobe good at multitasking. A few weeks ago, I was up in Toronto.Some college kid named Kevin. Summoned me in his bathroom. You know. If youwant to scare someone, you don't want the monster to appear right away. Youwant to build suspecse, wait in the shadows, make them see something in thecorner of their eye. Make them doubt their own sanity. That's how you do itright anyway. Kevin said my name and waited two minutes before leaving what two minutes. Yep Kevin waited two minutes and he gotup left the mirror and went on his computer, the rest of the night. Whatwas he doing? I think he was playing video games. It was called the blarewitch or something like that.

Oh the Blair witch I've heard aboutthat game never got around of playing it. He was walking around in the woodsand I'm over here topping on his mirror. Like hello, there's an actual witchhere in your house trying to scratch your eyes out. Look at me. I triedeverything to get Kevin's attention, but he had on these huge headphones. Icould have literally murdered his entire family, including his dog, andhe wouldn't have heard a damn thing. Boyvey and last night I was piercingthrough the veil. When I heard this fourteen year old. I think her name wastracy, she didn't say my name or anything, butshe was trying to summon something. So I decided what the help I didn't haveanything better to do. So I said to myself I'LL: go pay her a visit, so Iappeared in front of her and showed her my true form white gown long black hair.I was crying tears of blood. I was feeling extra, Sassy and confident thatnight, so I used all my tricks. I had fresh blood pouring from the foscet andthe showerhead wow. That sounds amazing, Mary. Oh, you should have seen it darklady. It was one of my best appearances. I was magnificent. Then what happened? Hyou know the usual Tracy gave a bloodcurdling screen and she tried to run out of the bathroom, but I locked thedoor. Of course, when Tracy realized shecould an escape, she huddled in the corner and started crying. I asked her.Do you know who I am she nodded? I said: What's my name say it say it then Tracy said Your Lulu,...

...the is Lulu. She said. Lulu was somelady who had no eyes and she kills people so that she could steal theireyeballs. Then she went on and owd about, creepy, Pasta and Radid andfortune I was like, Oh, I know I'm dead but kill me now. Oh Man, that sounds rough Mary. Youknow after that whole Lulu thing I realized I was just getting too old forthis crap. I don't understand these kids anymore, I'm three hundred andtwenty nine years old. Maybe I should just retire retire yeah retire. I was thinking of findingmyself a big antique mirror with Bevel Class and a golden frame most likelynineteenth century Victorian. The Mirror has to be so expensive thatnobody will be able to afford it. Then I'll, probably end up in storage with awhite cloth wrapped around me. Then I can just rest and have more time tomyself. Well, that does sound a lot morerelaxing than murdering innocent people wait Mary. You can't just give up likethis. First of all, you look fantastic for three hundred year old ghost youdon't look a day over twenty five. Thank you. I did die around my midtwenties. Second of all, screwcreepy Pasta, you're, an urban legend baby, no you're,the urban legend you've been scaring children for centuries before the worldhad the Internet. Before the world had electricity, you were the cautionary tale, Mommy andDaddy Warn't their children. About yes,...

...yes, I am. I am an urban legend. That's right! Slender man has nothingon you now. I need you to Chin Up, put on a scary face and be the monster. Youwere always meant to be so Mer Mirror on the wall, who's, the scariest ofthem all. I am good. You know Mary there's, a teenagegirl named Jane Morrison who lives upstairs in apartment. Thirty, six S.Her parents are out of town she's having sleep over with some classmaids,I'm pretty sure one of the girls brought a weegy board with them. Oh really, someone should go see how they're doing someone really should. I have a feeling that somethingterrible is about to happen. Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around. I really hope so make them bleed bloody.Mary look. My reflection, Bloody Mary, gaveme my reflection back. I knew she'd come around. Oh there. She goes well, I'm off towork too until next time this was the dark. Lady podcast.

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